Panel discussion

VirdisGroup Sarl
Date:April 22, 2024

Panel title

Innovate & educate: sparking biotech’s future

Panel summary

The panel will explore key strategies and initiatives aimed at fostering innovation and education within the biotechnology sector:

  • Nurturing a business mindset in scientists.
  • Improving biotech education to meet industry needs.
  • Connecting academia, industry and startups to bridge the gap between research and commercialization

Speaker information


Nathalie Rowell, CEO, VirdisGroup


Annette Mollet, Managing Director, European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine and Head Education and Training, University of Basel
Mark Illi, Co-Director, SITEM
Aksana Labokha, CEO, Rejuveron

Company profile

VirdisGroup: Create and build Life Science companies & teams where the talent we bring develop drugs and technologies which protect the health of all mankind.
ECPM: The leading university institute for medicines and drug development in Europe & comprises an education/training and research department. We focus on dedicated training programs for drug development specialists
SITEM: Swiss Institute for Translational and Entrepreneurial Medicine
Rejuveron: Age Better & Live Longer

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