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KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency)

Country:South Korea
Global Village:Delegation of Korea (KR)
Companies:AI Cloud
Amolife Science
Foretell My Health
ILIAS Biologics
Rokit Healthcare
Roundtable discussion:Tuesday, 23.04.2024, 14:30-15:00
“Fostering Bio Industrial R&D Cooperation between Korea and Switzerland”

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The Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) is South Korea’s national trade and investment promotion organization established in 1962. KOTRA has always been at the forefront of innovation, acting as a platform for expanding business activities between companies at home and abroad. For foreign enterprises, KOTRA has facilitated cooperation with Korea for trade, investment, technology and even human resources by utilizing our global network of 129 offices worldwide.


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AIcloud., Ltd

We are a company that leverages a world-class artificial intelligence based drug discovery platform to discover best-in-class new chemical and biological drugs. Currently, our work focuses on novel antibodies. In collaboration with the Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence of Pohang University of Science and Technology, we have developed the platform to predict derivable antibodies based on graph-based input data and deep learning model. Furthermore, we have validated the specificity and affinity of the antibodies derived from AI based platform by constructing gene, and transforming the cells that are producing desired antibody in the laboratory of our partner, the National New Drug Development Support Center at Osong Medical Innovation Foundation.



AmoLifescience is in the business of manufacturing and supplying materials, parts, and equipment necessary for the bio industry. We are conducting bio-materials, parts, and equipment businesses based on new materials and related process technologies that have been trained while conducting business with AMO Group’s global customers. We strive to increase customer convenience based on state-of-the-art nano-scale materials and process technologies applied to magnetic particles (AMO-Mag) and nanofiber membrane (AMO-Fiber) products. Representative items of AmoLifescience include magnetic beads, Western blots, and bio-reactors. AmoLifescience will continue to strive to support its customers with unique technologies through continuous research and development.


Foretell My Health

The company holds unique platelet based RNA profiling technology for early detection of cancer (clinical research on goling GYN and CRC), Resistance monitoring of chemotherapy, Treatment outcome prediction and monitoring for therapuetic agent.
Cooperation Field: We are looking for co-development or CRO opportunity with out platelet based blood monitoirng technology for Blood (Platelet) based biomarker discovery for CDx (both pre-clinical and clinical), Blood (Platelet) based monitoring of prognosis and MRD, Participatory medicine program with volunteeering citizen for early cancer detection with high risk GYN cancer.


HealthiBuddy Co., Ltd.

HealthiBuddy offers personalized glucose management services focusing on individual’s unique glucose specificity of diet and physical activity.
Cooperation Field: Partnership with research organizations and companies in Life Science area & Life science and SaMD(Software as Medical Device) of Cerebrovascular disease patients


ILIAS Biologics, Inc.

ILIAS Biologics, a leading clinical-stage biotech company, specializes in the development of exosome therapeutics. Leveraging our proprietary exosome-based platform technology, we deliver a diverse range of therapeutic molecules targeting critical intracellular events. Our core platform technologies, including EXPLOR®, Exo-Target®, and Pure-Exo®, enhance therapeutic efficacy, tissue targetability, and enable scalable production of GMP-grade exosomes. Our lead pipeline candidate, ILB-202, stands as an anti-inflammatory exosome containing a NF-kB inhibitor. Undergoing rigorous evaluation, ILB-202 shows promising therapeutic efficacy across various inflammatory disease models. Notably, ILIAS Biologics has successfully completed a first-in-human clinical trial for the systemic administration of engineered exosome-based therapeutics (ILB-202).


Portrai Inc.

Portrai proudly serves as the premier “solutionist” within the pharmaceutical industry, offering comprehensive analysis services powered by Spatial Transcriptomics (ST) technology. Leveraging our expertise, we enable multinational pharmaceutical companies to effectively address challenges and advance precision medicine, thereby enhancing human health. Through customized solutions tailored to specific research challenges, we empower our clients. Additionally, in our collaboration track, we engage in strategic partnerships to jointly develop innovative new drugs.


Prestige Biologics Co., Ltd.

PBL is a technology-driven CDMO that recently expanded its operations. Our company received GMP certification from both the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and the European Union in 2019 and 2021, respectively, with upcoming US FDA inspections expected in early 2025. Our facilities, divided into separate campuses with different technological setups, ensure uninterrupted product supply with a total scale of 154,000 L. PBL has supported the submission of multiple biosimilars and antibody drugs for regulatory approval, including one currently under review by the EMA for market authorization. Additionally, our company has initiated technical transfers for new projects to support customer clinical studies, demonstrating our commitment to advancing biopharmaceutical development.


RadaHaim Co., Ltd.

RadaHaim specializes in organoid mass production. These 3D structures mimic original tissues and align with human physiology. Using high-throughput screening (HTS), they are used to assess drug toxicity and efficacy. A key challenge is organoid standardization. At RadaHaim, we’re addressing this variability, targeting transformative advances in drug development and personalized treatments.



ROKIT Healthcare is a Seoul-based global healthcare company with proprietary technology providing solutions in the fields of personalized AI bioprinting, organ regeneration, and anti-aging. ROKIT Healthcare has a subsidiary, ROKIT Genomics, in South Korea and branches in one countries, the USA. It also has a distribution partnership network in approximately 30 countries worldwide. ROKIT’s organ regeneration therapy technology, which combines artificial intelligence and 3D bioprinting, is used in over 30 countries for a skin regeneration platform that treats chronic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers, burns, and skin cancer. A knee cartilage regeneration platform for degenerative arthritis is in preparation for commercialization, and regenerative research for repairing kidneys damaged by chronic renal failure is progressing successfully, with product development and clinical trials upcoming. As ROKIT’s personalized organ regeneration and anti-aging solutions evolve to extend human life and improve quality of life, the company is moving forward as a first mover in healthcare, aiming to implement lower medical costs for nations and individuals in the near future economically.



VSPharmTech (VSPT) is a distinguished private clinical-stage biotechnology company committed to advance drug development in oncology. We are focusing on the development of three promising investigational modalities with unique attributes: augmenting the efficacy of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, as well as impeding cancer metastasis. VSPT pioneers the creation of groundbreaking oncological treatments in a fast and efficient way, harnessing the power of Real-World Evidence (RWE) data and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to identify innovative pipeline candidates. We are very specialized in the commercialization of new technology.