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Global Village:Delegation of Oregon (US-OR)
Rewire AI
Roundtable discussion:Monday, 22.04.2024, 15:45-16:15
“Explore Long-Term Collaboration Opportunities between Oregon’s Biosciences community and Swiss Biotech Ecosystem”

Company profile

Business Oregon is the State of Oregon’s economic development agency. Bioscience is one of Oregon’s leading target industries and has become an emerging, competitive segment of the state’s economy. Oregon’s Life Science/Bi community is growing faster and gaining more market share vs. many other U.S. states. Genentech (a Roche Subsidiary) and Twist Bioscience are among 1,480 establishments which produced $15.7 billion (2022) in total economic output.


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Augmented has dedicated the last 10 years to transforming startups and enterprises with custom software automation solutions using data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Our industry and technology agnostic approach ensures that we focus on the right solutions without traditional limitations or boundaries.
Our general mission is to distill high dimensional data into relevant insights and accelerate business goals by minimizing analytical complexity of critical decisions. With a decade of practical experience in AI implementation, Augmented is uniquely positioned to help organizations navigate the complex landscape of AI efficacy and ethics. If you are looking to revolutionize your industry or an established business ready to capture the opportunities of the future, Augmented is here to help you succeed.


Dextronix is a designer, developer, manufacturer of advanced medical implantable devices and equipment for use in animal health. Our focus is on products used in cardiac rhythm management, wireless diagnostic monitoring (electrocardiology) and unique surgical solutions used by the leading veterinary specialists worldwide. Dextronix is also currently working on additional specialty Life Science products and services for both animal and human health.

Rewire AI

Rewire AI is a provider of artificial intelligence technologies that improve the pace, ease, and reproducibility of biomedical and life science imaging workflows. Rewire’s AI is capable of detecting of a wide variety of biomarkers, cellular morphologies, and tissue staining, which enables a range of applications, including cellular quantification of R&D microscopy and target detection in clinical imaging.

Rewire’s ML Ops platform, called Polygon AI, makes it possible for partners to automate AI model generation and integration of AI capabilities into hardware and software products. Polygon AI also provides partners a white-labeled environment to enable end users to further fine-tune, customize, and deploy AI models for their specific needs. Partners benefit from a simplified ML Ops pipeline, strengthened on-going customer relationships, and generation of recurring revenue from retail licensing of Polygon AI.