Panel discussion

Biotechnet Switzerland

Time:15:30 – 16:15

Panel title

Collaborate to Innovate: Swiss Research Organizations Partner with Industry for Success

Panel summary

How are Switzerland’s public research organizations translating innovation from the lab to industry? In this panel led by Biotechnet, we’ll explore two examples from discovery to product development with start-ups and multinational pharmas. The essential ingredients that made these projects a success, as well as insights on public funding mechanisms to support collaborative projects, will be discussed. Bring your questions to what promises to be a lively exchange!

Speaker information


Sonia Thomson, Marketing and Communications Specialist, Biotechnet


  • Laura Suter-Dick, President, Biotechnet and Group Leader, Cell Biology and in vitro Toxicology, FHNW School of Life Sciences
  • Vincent Revol, Head, Research and Business Development, Life Science Technologies, CSEM
  • Vincent Ronfard, Chief Innovation Officer, Cutiss AG
  • Origène Nyanguile, Group Leader, Peptide and Protein Technologies, Institute for Life Science, HES-SO Valais
  • Frédéric Levy, Executive Director, Head of Search & Evaluation and Scientific Innovation, Debiopharm

Company profile

Biotechnet Switzerland helps industry access high-caliber competences in biotechnology of Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences, Universities, and Research and Technology Organizations. Industrial partners including small, medium and large enterprises can rely on our proven expertise and outstanding infrastructure to support innovative research & development projects. We are also a premium partner to address continuing education needs.

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