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Premier Research

Country:United States
Time:15:30 – 16:15

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Early Clinical Development: Optimizing Your Data Strategy and Realizing the Value of In Silico Evidence

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Drug developers looking to license their asset or technology often don’t think they need to invest in a fully developed data strategy. And usually, they’re wrong. We’ll explain why an overall data strategy will increase your asset’s value and/or maximize its chances of obtaining regulatory approval. And we’ll examine how in silico evidence can combine modeling and simulation to accelerate discovery by engaging fewer patients and limiting the need for expensive studies.

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Raphaela Schnurbus, Director, Business Development, Premier Research


  • Nach Davé, Vice President, Development Strategy, Premier Research
  • Luca Emili, CEO, InSilicoTrials Technologies
  • Manolo Bellotto, Ph.D., General Manager and President, Gain Therapeutics

Company profile

Premier Research, a clinical research company, is dedicated to helping biotech, specialty pharma, and device innovators transform life-changing ideas and breakthrough science into new medical treatments. As a global company, Premier Research specializes in the use of innovative technologies for smart study design and trial management to deliver clean, conclusive data to sponsors. Premier Research is committed to helping its customers answer the unmet needs of patients.

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