Pitching Session

Innovation beyond Switzerland: a selection of start-ups/emerging companies from international delegations

Date:April 23, 2024

Pitch summary

During this exciting pitching session, we are thrilled to present ten innovative start-ups and emerging companies from around the world that are making significant strides in the field of life sciences. These companies are revolutionizing the landscape with their cutting-edge technologies and solutions across various sectors within the life sciences industry, showcasing innovation, entrepreneurship, and a shared commitment to advancing healthcare and improving patient outcomes worldwide.

  1. Velvio is developing groundbreaking therapeutics for neurodegeneration, with a focus on a rare disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), offering hope to patients with unmet medical needs.
  2. Ciloa specializes in exosome-based delivery of therapeutic proteins, which can be applied in different fields like novel therapeutic antibodies, vectors and vaccines.
  3. GeNEWity is active in the field of cell and gene therapies, focusing on developing autologous thymus tissue.
  4. Aicloud is proposing AI-driven solutions to discover novel classes of therapeutics.
  5. Eyam Health’s next generation platforms are “pandemic ready” and can be customized to design and deliver vaccines and immunotherapeutics on demand.
  6. Myomar Molecular specializes in developing innovative diagnostics tools that enable early detection of muscle diseases, leading to improved patient outcomes and healthcare efficiency.
  7. Nimble Science’s single-use capsule enables passive sampling of small bowel luminal fluid for diagnostics.
  8. Syncrest have specialized in the rapid and cost-effective manufacturing of middle-molecular weight drugs.
  9. RIBOPRO is at the forefront of high-quality mRNA manufacturing, offering a range of services that enable mRNA therapy pioneers to develop the medicines of the future.
  10. PhosPrint is a laser bioprinter developer focusing on the highly precise and rapid delivery of cells and other bio-inks on the substrates of interest.

Pitching Companies

  • Velvio (Germany/Munich) (Title: Accelerated Regeneration as Powerful Tool to Treat Neurodegeneration in ALS), presenter: Ulrich Bogdahn
  • Ciloa (France) (Title: Adiponectin-exosomes paired with GLP-1R agonist enhance weight loss and fat clearance while preserving muscle mass), presenter: Robert Mamoun
  • Genewity (Netherlands) (Title: i-Thymus: autologous thymic organoids for curing immune deficiencies and more.), presenter: Arno Bisschop
  • Aicloud (South Korea) (Title: AI-based K-antibody Design Technology), presenter: Cho Toohyon
  • Eyam Health (Canada) (Title: Platform for vaccines and Immunotherapeutics), presenter: Pamela Housh
  • Myomar Molecular (Canada) (Title: Monitoring Muscle Degeneration using Urine Biomarkers), presenter: Rafaela Andrade
  • Nimble Science (Canada) (Title: Reaching the Unreachable: Leveraging Small Intestinal Data to Power Health Innovation), presenter: Sabina Brühlmann
  • Syncrest (Japan) (Title: SynCrest Innovations: Leading the Future of Sustainable Chemical and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing with Advanced Flow Chemistry and In-Line Real-Time Monitoring), presenter: Yutaro ODA
  • RIBOPRO (Netherlands) (Title: Manufacturing for high quality mRNA and LNPs), presenter: TBC
  • PhosPrint (Greece) (Title: Tissue transformation via in vivo laser bioprinting), presenter: Maria Pallidou

Jury Members

  • Zoë Johnson, M:M Bio
  • Kostas Kaloulis, ND Capital
  • Natalia Novac, Delin Ventures
  • Andi Dyla, Roivant Sciences
  • András Incze, Akceso Advisors


  • Maximilien Murone, Swiss Biotech Association