Panel discussion

Ferring Pharmaceuticals, IQVIA, PharmaBiome

Date:April 23, 2024

Panel title

Microbiome therapies, perspectives and outlook one year after first market launch

Panel summary

The microbiome is a rapidly advancing field. The first microbiome-based products opened up new commercial opportunities. This panel is designed as an educational piece for a broad audience discussing true drug development and outlook in the field. Switzerland is a global leader in microbiome innovation, with world-class research institutions and companies driving progress in the field to develop new treatments.

Speaker information


Isma Hachi, IQVIA AG


Gabriel Leventhal, PharmaBiome AG
Casper Johansen, Ferring Pharmaceuticals SA
Alessandra Calabrese, OM Pharma SA
Gemma Henderson, Bacthera AG

Company profile

Ferring Pharmaceuticals is a leader in maternal health as well as in the area of gastroenterology, at the forefront of innovation in microbiome-based therapeutics.
IQVIA is a leading global provider of advanced analytics, technology solutions and clinical research services to the life sciences industry.
PharmaBiome has developed the world‘s first true drug-development platform for targeted microbiome therapeutics.