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Date:April 23, 2024

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Scaling Up Precision Medicine with AI-Driven Approaches

Panel summary

Precision oncology is driving a significant paradigm shift in drug development and routine clinical practice, moving away from traditional trial-and-error strategies towards a patient-centric model. This approach acknowledges individual uniqueness and utilizes real-world multimodal data. The integration of AI technologies has further accelerated this evolution, promising unprecedented levels of accuracy and efficacy in oncological care.

This panel discussion aims to explore the practical applications of AI in healthcare strategies, dissecting the nuances of translating its theoretical promise into reality. We will discuss challenges and collaborative strategies to scale up access, emphasizing the need for collective action in standardizing AI-driven approaches. Additionally, we will evaluate how these approaches can support clinical decision-making and advocate for unified efforts to establish standardized protocols.

Speaker information


Guillaume Cettou, Global Head of Data Partnerships, SOPHiA GENETICS


Michael Frank, MBA, Director Digital Health, Business Development, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Benjamin Kasenda, MD, PhD, Senior Consultant Medical Oncologist, Universitätsspital Basel (USB)
Serafino Pantano, PhD, Head of Translational Medicine, ADC Therapeutics
Gabriele Gut, PhD, Senior Assistent at the Clinical for Medical Oncology and Haematology, University Hospital Zürich

Company profile

SOPHiA GENETICS is a software company that enables clinicians to generate real-time, actionable insights for patients with cancer and rare disorders. The SOPHiA DDM Platform, powered by AI, analyzes complex genomic and multimodal data and generates insights for a broad network of hospital, laboratory, and biopharma institutions globally.

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