Pitching session

Recent Developments and Future Avenues in Cell & Gene Therapies

Date:April 23, 2024

Pitch summary

Cell Therapies, Gene Therapies, and the combination thereof (Cell & Gene Therapy, CGT) are exciting therapeutic modalities which bring us closer to our goal of curing disease. The impact of CGT in Oncology has been revolutionary for patients with Haematological cancers, prompting the industry to extend these benefits to those with solid tumors. Additionally, efforts are underway to enhance scalability and accessibility for a broader patient population. The potential of CGT extends beyond Oncology, holding promise for durable disease-modifying treatments in autoimmune, metabolic, and neurodegenerative diseases. Emerging gene therapy strategies for inherited diseases are tackling challenges such as improved tissue targeting, efficient delivery of larger payloads, and reduced immunogenicity, ultimately enhancing safety. Advances in manufacturing are poised to alleviate capacity constraints and reduce costs.

Recent breakthroughs have spurred the development of groundbreaking solutions that could significantly and durably impact the lives of patients. Notably, in 2023, the FDA granted approval for five CGT treatments, marking a substantial surge compared to the total of five approvals spanning 2017-2022. The anticipation is high for over fifteen CGT drug approvals in 2024, prompting reflection on the readiness of the healthcare system to accommodate such advancements.

This CGT pitching session will showcase innovative Swiss and international companies at various stages of development and growth. The primary focus will delve into three key facets of deploying CGT to address diverse medical needs: (i) gene therapy for genetically defined disorders, (ii) recent strides in CGT within immune-oncology, and (iii) advancements in tackling autoimmunity, Diabetes and Parkinson’s Disease. Concise presentations will be followed by a panel discussion, where recent achievements and future prospects will be examined.

Pitching companies

  • Avrion Therapeutics (Topic: AAV-based gene therapy for neurodegnerative disorders), presenter: Harald Petry
  • TiGen Pharma (Topic: Autologous T cell-based therapies for solid tumours), presenter: Simon Eade
  • T-CurX (Topic: Next-generation CAR-T cells), presenter: Ulf Grawunder
  • Antion Biosciences (Topic: Multiplex engineering of next generation cell and gene therapies), presenter: Marco Alessandrini
  • Advesya (Topic: IL-1RAP as new CAR-T target for hematological malignancies), presenter: Erik Rutjens
  • CSL Behring (Topic: Stable lentiviral vector producer cell line and applications at CSL), presenter: Cedric Vonarburg
  • Novartis (Topic: CAR-T therapies in autoimmune diseases), presenter: Susanne Diehl
  • J&J (Topic: Bringing CAR-T to cancer patients, and exploring future potential beyond cancer), presenter: Simon Brack


  • Markus Kalousek, BioGeneration Ventures