Pitching session

Cooperating and partnering to address critical environmental challenges through Industrial Biotechnology

Date:April 23, 2024

Pitch summary

Industrial Biotechnology (IB) allows for more energy-efficient and sustainable manufacturing processes as well as creating opportunities for abating pollution, using waste and creating new products. It underpins a circular economy, sustainable chemicals industry and can help to protect scarce natural resources. It is likely to impact many aspects of everyday life through new biobased products and processes with far reaching and disruptive impacts. This session starts with the pitches from a number of pioneering early stage Swiss companies. The pitches serve as a basis for an corporate and investor panel sharing their views on how these companies can serve as case studies for the development of the sector.

Pitching companies


Anne Marie de Jonge–Schuermans, Board Member of the Swiss Biotech Association

Working group