Pitching session

Lab automation, diagnostics and analytics

Date:April 23, 2024

Pitch summary

Join us for a vibrant second edition of the pitching competition linked to the Swiss Biotech Association Chapter Lab automation, diagnostics and analytics! The selected cohort of startups will showcase their disruptive technologies stemming from advancements in laboratory science and automation, novel screening pipelines and platforms, as well as integrated diagnostics and patient stratification solutions. The competition offers an opportunity to witness cutting-edge innovations in the sector and engage with the forefront of the biotech industry development.

Pitching companies

  • Limula (Title: Automated solutions for “one-pot” production of cell therapies), presenter: Luc Henry, CEO
  • Navignostics (Title: Navignostics – Finding the right drug for each patient), presenter: Jana Fischer, CEO
  • Maven Health (Title: Precision metabolic health tracking), presenter: Kevin Hof, Co-CEO & CTO
  • TheraME! (Title: Innovative microfluidic technology enables personalised cancer therapy), presenter: Vida Vafaizadeh, Co-Founder
  • ONTRACK Biomedical (Title:Next generation urine test for prostate cancer), presenter: Irina Banzola, CEO and Co-Founder
  • Adaptyv Bio (Title: Autonomous labs for protein engeneering), presenter: Julian Englert, CEO
  • Nagi Bioscience (Title: SydLab™ One: Accelerating drug discovery with fully automated Organism-on-Chip testing), presenter: Dr. Matteo Cornaglia, CEO & co-founder
  • Isospec Analytics (Title: Next level molecular intelligence: Dynamic biomarkers beyond the genome), presenter: Ahmed Ben Faleh, CEO
  • NExMR (Title: Rescaling NMR for drug discovery), presenter: Matthias Bütikofer, CSO
  • Oryl photonics (Title: Solving the insoluble – rapid and accurate solubility measurement, saving valuable drug compounds), presenter: Dr. Nathan Dupertuis, COO
  • Ceidos (Title: The Power of Real-Time Bioreactor Monitoring with C-Netics), presenter: Sébastien Walpen, CEO & Co-Founder

Jury members

  • Alexandra Vallon Eberhard, Senior Director – CTO, Global Strategy & Partnering Roche Diagnostics
  • Miro Venturi, President DIAMANTE Healthcare Consulting, Switzerland & Operating Partner ARCHIMED Group
  • Shayesteh Fürst-Ladani, CEO Luminance Health GmbH
  • Daniel Egger, Global Marketing Director Process Analytics, Hamilton Bonaduz AG


  • Samantha Paoletti, Head of Research and BD Life Science Technologies, CSEM

Working group