Pitching session

Digital and health-tech

Date:April 23, 2024
Room:Marriott Hotel

Pitch summary

Come witness the launch of the Swiss Biotech Association chapter Digital and Health-tech! Through this pitching competition you will peek into some of the groundbreaking technologies paving the path of the next healthcare revolution. 

Pitching companies

  • Quant Biomarkers (Title: Re-thinking pre-emptive medicine: Introducing novel products for early detection of risk and guiding clinical decision-making), presenter: Dr. Sanja Baumann-Tomovska, Founder and CEO
  • Nexco Analytics (Title: AI in Genomics: streamline with our tool, innovate with bespoke solutions), presenter: Evarist Planet, Co-Founder
  • chAIron (Title: Delivering innovation in indication strategy with artificial intelligence and human expertise), presenter: Rodrigo Hernandez-Canteli, Co-founder, Chief Financial and Operating Officer
  • AiMorphous Health (Title: An intelligent diagnostic system for the prevention of heart attacks, strokes and many thrombotic events, the major causes of death & debilitation), presenter: San Pun, CEO and Founder
  • Risklick (Title: Revolutionizing clinical trial protocol with first-in-class AI software), presenter: Dr. Poorya Amini, CEO
  • ancora.ai (Title: Beyond the Bottleneck: Cracking the Code on Patient Recruitment with AI), presenter: Danielle Ralic, CEO
  • iCure (Title: Transfer of Trust for Medical Data), presenter: Oksana Bober, CEO
  • MOD1 (Title: Competitive Advantage through Digital Trust), presenter: Dylan Johnston, CEO

Jury members

  • Nicolas Stalder, Senior Investment Associate, Debiopharm Innovation Fund
  • Sevan Antreasyan, Partner, Lenz & Staehelin
  • Andi Dyla, Associate, Corporate Development, Roivant Sciences
  • Lisa Falco, Lead Data Consultant on AI for Health and FemTec Expert, Zühlke Engineering AG


  • Jade Sternberg, Senior Project Lead Digital Health, digitalswitzerland

Working group