Panel discussion

Sustainability across the pharmaceutical value chain

Time:16:30 – 17:15

Panel title

Sustainability across the pharmaceutical value chain

Panel summary

Goal 13 of the UN SDG calls for Climate Action. Relative to output, drug manufacturing and supply chains contribute considerably to CO2 emissions. Small molecule drug production remains an ecologic burden due to their high E factor (ratio of kg waste/kg product). Biopharma manuf. increasingly depends on disposables. Delivery devices are mostly single-use plastics. This panel aims to discuss where the industry stands in relation to sustainability, and where it needs to go.

Speaker information


Hans-Peter Meyer, Head of Biotech, Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences SATW


  • Sanna Fowler, Head of Divisional Projects Biologics, Lonza
  • Ulla Grauschopf, Head Head of Device & Packaging Development, Hoffmann-LaRoche
  • David Hampton, Director, Pheida (Climate Biotech)
  • Martin Held, Circular Carbon for Chemistry Loop (CCLoop), ETHZ