Panel discussion

Swiss Biotech – Industrial Biotechnology Chapter


Date:April 24, 2023
Time:17:45 – 18:30

Panel title

Swiss Biotech Association – Industrial Biotechnology Chapter. Solutions for global industrial challenges

Panel summary

The panel will demonstrate how biotechnology generates effective solutions to global industrial and environmental challenges.

The session supports the launch of the Swiss Biotech – Industrial Biotech Chapter. This will foster collaboration between industry participants, accelerate commercially-relevant innovation and promote the industrial biotech industry in Switzerland

Speaker information


David Lyon, Strategy Director, Pheida AG


Vivek Dogra, Venture Partner, European Circular Bioeconomy Fund (ECBF)
Susanne Heldmaier, Strategic Lead of Basic Research & Technical Innovation, Mibelle Group
Peter van Gelderen, General Partner, Icos Capital
Erika S. Georget, Managing Director, Eridia (a Bühler and Zeta company)

Company profile

The Industrial Biotechnology Chapter will be hosted by the Swiss Biotech Association.

Initial activities are being organised by:
David Lyon, David Hampton of Pheida: A Swiss-based company which deploys biotech applications at scale to reduce GHG emissions and other pollutants.

Hans-Peter Meyer of Expertinova AG, Swiss Academy of Technical Sciences (SATW), Lecturer HES SO.

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