Panel discussion


Date:April 25, 2023
Time:14:30 – 15:15

Panel title

Early involvement of regulators to deliver innovation to patients: Experience sharing by SWISSMEDIC Switzerland & ANVISA Brazil

Panel summary

Swissmedic in Switzerland and Anvisa in Brazil are internationally recognized regulators. They play a pivotal role in supporting Biotech R&D SMEs in their preparation of clinical trials and effective delivery of innovative and reliable therapies to patients. Regulators are interested in engaging with Biotech R&Ds at an early stage to increase the chances of complying with regulatory requirements. Swissmedic and ANVISA will discuss their experiences and present access points.

Speaker information


Eliane Schmid, Head of Communications, Swissmedic


Dr. Philippe Girard, Vice-Director, Swissmedic
Dr. Antonio Barra Torres, Director, Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency ANVISA
Dr. Martin Kayser, Chief Technology Officer, Wyss Zurich Translational Center

Company profile

Swissmedic is the Swiss authority responsible for the authorisation and supervision of therapeutic products.