Panel discussion

Cureline Group

Date:April 23, 2024

Panel title

Exploring the power of exosomes: cutting-edge research and potential clinical applications

Panel summary

Exosomes, as a nexus of biotech innovation and healthcare, pose unique opportunities and challenges from regulatory, and manufacturing, to market integration. This panel will explore the collaborative pathway for stakeholders across the spectrum, from investors to big pharma, to harness exosomes’ potential in regenerative medicine, addressing scalability, safety, and accessibility to revolutionize patient care.

Speaker information


Philip Raeth, CEO (Managing Director), palleos healthcare


Troy Dale, VP, Head Commercial – Strategic Partnerships Unit, Novartis
Prof. Dr. Irina Nazarenko, Group Leader, University Medical Center Freiburg
Dr. Frank Plöger, Chief Scientific Officer, Xlife Sciences AG
Agne Vaitkeviciene, Co-Founder and CEO at Memel Biotech, COO at Cureline

Company profile

Cureline Group, a precision medicine CRO based in California with a global presence, has established itself as a leader in oncology human sample validation studies, in vitro, and animal testing over its 20-year history. With a strong R&D competence and portfolio of cutting-edge research projects, Cureline is at the forefront of innovation. Meanwhile, Memel Biotech, an ATMP CDMO, is providing GMP contract and bio-manufacturing, product development, regulatory support services.

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