Pitching session

Discover the Venture Leaders Biotech opportunities

Date:April 22, 2024

Pitch summary

Meet the Biotech Swiss National Startup Team before their exclusive roadshow to Boston! Venture Leaders Biotech is organized by Venturelab in partnership with Swissnex Boston. The program with a value of CHF 10,000 is offered free of charge to the winners thanks to the support of Debiopharm, EPF Lausanne, ETH Zurich, Kellerhals Carrard, Hansjörg Wyss, Novartis, Swiss Biotech Association, and VISCHER. Join us as we showcase the innovative spirit and potential of these exceptional startups.

Pitching companies

Allegria Therapeutics AG, presenter: Maria van Dongen
Well Science AG, presenter: Ian Metcalfe
Ymmunobio AG, presenter: Peter Schiemann
Adoram Therapeutics SA, presenter: David Pejoski
KYLYS AESTHETICS SA, presenter: Bryan Christopher Porcello
TissueLabs SA, presenter: Gabriel Liguori
EVIIVE, presenter: Kevin Ho Wai Yim
inSEIT AG, presenter: David Roura Padrosa
Shape Biopharmaceuticals GmbH, presenter: Arin Ghasparian


Ekaterina Koleva, Venturelab