08:15 Registration open
09:00 Exhibition & Partnering open
09:30 General Assembly of the Swiss Biotech Association (for SBA members only)
  Plenary Session
11:00 Welcome Address
Michael Altorfer, CEO, Swiss Biotech Association
11:10 Keynote I: How to build a successful biotech company using the advantages Switzerland has to offer
Jean-Paul Clozel, Idorsia
Keynote II: Rise and Pitfalls of Swiss Biotech start-ups
Patrick Aebischer, former EPFL president PDF
12:00 Presentation of the Swiss Biotech Report
Jürg Zürcher, EY PDF
12:20 Swiss Biotech Success Stories ↗more
Laureates 2018/2019
13:00 Lunch & Exhibition
  Parallel Tracks in the Afternoon
Room Montreal  
Emerging Biotech Company
presented by
13:30 Moderation: Cora Kaiser, Rentschler Biopharma
Introductory Talk Daniel Mattle, Director Business Development Europe, Rentschler Biopharma

  • Abologix PDF
  • AC BioScience PDF
  • Anaveon AG PDF
  • Gain Therapeutics PDF
  • Versameb PDF
  • MaxWell Biosystems AG PDF
  • Nemis Technologies PDF
  • Novaremed PDF
  • PharmaBiome PDF
  • PreComb Therapeutics PDF
  • Tepthera PDF
  • TOLREMO therapeutics PDF
  • InterAx Biotech PDF
16:30 Innosuisse Funding for your Biotech Innovation
Are you interested in implementing an innovation project and are looking for support? The Innosuisse panel is an opportunity to learn more about Innosuisse’s incentive offers. Those wishing to enter foreign markets will also be able to discover the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and Euresearch offers. The history of a successful project funded by Innosuisse will close the session. ↗more
presented by
Room Singapore  
Advanced Biotech Company Presentations
presented by
13:30 Moderation: Dave Madge, WuXi Apptec
Introductory Talk Dave Madge, Vice President Research Services Division, WuXi Apptec
  • WuXi Biologics PDF
  • NBE Therapeutics PDF
  • Swiss Fillon PDF
  • Sophia Genetics PDF
Room Samarkand


13:30 Real Life and Practical Insights into Data Analysis and Augmented Reality - Industry 4.0 Case Studies
This session gives question and answer access to experts that truly understand the practical implications for life science with examples of the enormous opportunity for your business created by the start of the 4th Industrial Revolution. ↗more
presented by
14:30 Cell-based Therapeutics
Cell-based therapeutics offer a novel and promising approach to target a wide variety of medical conditions. However, aspects such as safety concerns, complex logistics, upscaling of manufacturing and regulatory approval are typical hurdles complicating development. This session will offer you a diverse discussion from CRO, academic and sponsor perspectives based on real-life examples ranging from recombinant live vaccines to autologous cell therapy. ↗more
presented by
15:30 Panel on Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence in Biotech
The panel will address questions such as: What can AI bring to the Pharma and Biotech industries specifically? Why is this a hot topic now? What will be required to ensures AI applications are robust, trusted and thus adopted? ↗more
presented by
16:30 Philanthropic Investments in Biotech
Many early stage companies face the proverbial “Valley of Death” where lack of angel/VC capital implies lack of talent and impedes the risk-mitigation of the company as a business. How could an effective philanthropy help risk mitigate this situation and attract for-profit investors into early stage companies? In Translation of HC innovation, Why do we need philanthropy and what type? ↗more
presented by
Room Osaka Panels
13:30 Innovative Solutions in Financing Biotech
Fundraising, especially in early stage is challenging for Biotech companies. With the introduction of Decentralized Ledger Technology (Blockchain) into the Capital Market Value Chain, new financing possibilities are opening such as Crypto Crowd Funding, Securities tokens or the tokenization of revenue streams. A panel of innovative finance experts will discuss if these new opportunities can be of benefit for Biotech companies ↗more
presented by
14:30 HealthCare: Italy on the move
Italian startups and R&D players will provide you with insights in Italy’s biotech-sector. Breakthrough therapeutic solutions are in the pipeline in oncology, neurology and immunology. Team up with the country’s research laboratories and clincial-trial projects to be first-to-know and to contribute to the advancement of novel therapies. ↗more
presented by
16:00 R&D Cooperation Forum with Focus on Italy and Germany
In this session you will hear about cross-border R&D collaborations as an expansion strategy for growing life sciences startups. After presenting the R&D landscapes in Switzerland, Germany and Italy, a pitch session will be followed by international startups active in fields such as AI, precision medicine, bioinformatics, biomarker and target identification, ATMPs for cell & gene therapy, molecular engineering, and biobanking & cryologistics. ↗more
presented by
17:30 Apéro & Exhibition
19:00 End of Conference

Swiss Biotech Success Stories

Demonstrating the power and potential of the Swiss biotech hub

The Swiss Biotech Success Stories illustrate the valuable accomplishments and honor those who have made important and sustainable contributions to the biotech industry in Switzerland. The recognition is awarded annually at the Swiss Biotech Day and reflects the diversity and variety of this industry sector.

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Innosuisse Funding for your Biotech Innovation

Moderation: Johanne Stettler, Communication specialist, Innosuisse

Innosuisse helps you to set up your Innovation Projects.
Learn how with Stéphanie Lecaudé, Scientific Officer at Innosuisse

Go global - International Programmes and Partnering Support at Innosuisse
by Nicolas Lentz, Scientific Officer at Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

Your European opportunities in Horizon 2020
with Gerhard Gass, National Contact Point Biotechnology for Euresearch programm

History of a successful project funded by Innosuisse:
a 3D organ-on-a-chip assay that can predict the metabolic stability of pharmaceutical drugs,

presented by Dr Laura Suter-Dick, Professor of Molecular Toxicology at the FHNW and Dr Olivier Frey, Head of Technologies and Platforms at InSphero.

Panel 1: Real Life and Practical Insights into Data Analysis and Augmented Reality - Industry 4.0 Case Studies

Moderation: David Staunton, Director Global Services, Zenith Technologies


Dr Martin Valek, Digital Services, GE Healthcare Life Science
Jacqueline Hora, Global Digital and Data Analytics lead, Zenith Technologies

Panel 2: Cell-Based Therapeutics

Moderation: Aernout van Haarst, PhD, Director Scientific Affairs, Celerion

Clinical Development of Cell-Based Therapeutics –
Complexity of live product logistics | Safety aspects around cellular therapies | Implications of developing GMOs

Aernout van Haarst, PhD, Director Scientific Affairs, Celerion

Tolerogenic Dendritic Cell-Based Treatment in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) –
Manufacturing of cell-based therapies | Initial results of clinical trials involving a dendritic cell-based treatment for MS patients | Comparison of different routes of administration

Prof. Dr. Nathalie Cools, Associate Professor Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Antwerp

Master Checkpoint Cbl-b Inhibition: Ambulatory siRNA-Based Autologous Cell Therapy for Cancer –
Master checkpoint blockade regulating innate and adaptive anti-tumor responses | Preliminary evidence of phase 1 clinical activity in cancer patients

Anderson Gaweco, M.D., PhD, CMO & CSO, APEIRON Biologics AG, Austria Discussion

Panel 3: Panel on Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence in Biotech

Moderation: Jurgi Camblong, CEO Sophia Genetics

• Jurgi Camblong, CEO Sophia Genetics

• Prof. Marcel Salathé, School of Computer and Communication Sciences, EPFL

• Lorenz Mayr, Chief Technology Officer, HE Healthcare Life Sciences

Panel 4: Philanthropic Investments in Biotech

Moderation: Eugéne Durenard, Stetson Family Office


• Richard Serbin, Healthcare Impact Holdings and Gorlin Group of Companies
• Riccardo Braglia, Group Vice Chairman & CEO, Board Member & US Chairman, Helsinn Healthcare
• Beat Schillig, Founder and President, VentureKick Viviane Monges, NOVO Foundation

Panel 5: Innovative Solutions in Financing Biotech

Moderation: Monika Jones

• André Guedel, Head of International Headquarters, KPMG Switzerland
• Prof. Dr. Fabian Schär, Managing Director Center for Innovative Finance, Suisse Asset Management (Switzerland) | Professor for DLT/FinTech
• Dr. Daniel Heller, FinTech Expert, Centre for Blockchain Technologies, University College London
• Sascha Bucher, Head Basel Office Roivant Pharma and Head of Global Transactions
• Beat Schillig, Founder & President Venturelab, Serial Enterpreneur & Business Angel

Panel 6: HealthCare: Italy on the move

Moderation: Simona Bernardini, ITA Italian Trade Agency Bern

Healthcare Italy: Welcome address
Simona Bernardini, ITA Bern

Key Figures and Areas of Excellence of Italian Biotech
Leonardo Vingiani, Assobiotech-Federchimica

Therapeutic Solutions by Italian Biotech Star Companies
• Altheia Science, Multiple Sclerosis & Diabetes, Paolo Rizzardi
• Greenbone Ortho, Bone-Reconstitution / Oncology, Giorgio Amadori
• Diatech Pharmacogenetics, PharmacoGenetics & Personalized Therapies, Sara Cabodi

Cancer Vaccines & Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC)
Luigi Buonaguro, National Cancer Institute „G. Pascale“

Approval Procedures for Novel Therapies & Clinical Trials
Cristina Morelli, MTA Group

ITA supporting BIOTECH cooperation in Italy – ONE STOP WINDOW
Rossana Ciraolo, ITA Italian Trade Agency

Panel 7: R&D Collaboration Forum with a Focus on Germany and Italy

Moderation: Sirpa Tsimal, Switzerland Global Enterprise

Introductory Talk: Cross-border R&D: A View from Germany
Matthias Bach, BIO Deutschland e. V.

Pitch Session Italy: Holostem, Orobix, VeraSalus Ricerca, CROS NT

Pitch Session Germany: BioVariance GmbH, BioKryo GmbH